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Approved Auto Drunk Driving Awareness Campaign

Approved Auto Trucks and Bakkies participate in study

Awareness Campaign

Approved Auto in conjunction with the Weekend witness and News24 took part in a drunk driving awareness campaign conducted over the weekend.

An experiment, with driving under the influence of alcohol was carried out by a team of staff members from the Weekend Witness in Pietermaritzburg. Approved Auto was requested to participate in an awareness campaign against drinking and driving. Our Company Approved Auto, was represented by Petros Dlomo.

View the video here:

Full article can be found here (link)

To briefly summarise:

Krishna drove the track, navigating around the cones without knocking any over. She said although she “felt fine” she was “absolutely stunned” that she had already reached the legal limit after just 100 ml of red wine

After my second glass of wine, my blood alcohol level was 0,07 g. I was over the limit and slightly unsteady on my feet. This lap was my fastest time but I felt less in control weaving in between the cones and could not avoid hitting one.

My reverse parking also saw me hit a cone, and drag it under the car for a good few metres before eventually stopping.

Sadd founder Smit said minor accidents such as bumping or scratching your car are common with a blood alcohol level just over the legal limit. When it reaches 0,15 g fatal accidents are more likely.

“If your blood alcohol level is 0,15 mg and you feel you are okay to drive then this means you are a practised drinker but this does not mean that your driving will not be impaired.”

Although the experiment was not truly scientific and the amounts of alcohol consumed were not large, we could feel and see the effects of driving under the influence.

While some might feel able to get behind the wheel after consuming three or four beers or glasses of wine, our tests showed one’s reaction time in the face of emergency will be severely impaired.

If an animal had to run across the road or a car were to brake suddenly a drunk driver would not be able to avoid disaster.

(source News24)

Approved Auto were the vehicle sponsors of this test and proud to have contributed to raising awareness around the dangers of driving under the influence in South Africa.

All too often fatal accidents are the cause of drivers under the influence and in each case it is a fatality that could have been avoided through responsible decisions.

Approved Auto is a supporter of the initiative and hope that this campaign helps inform the public around the dangers of driving under the influence.

This study was conducted in conjunction with:
South Africans Against Drunk Driving (SADD)
Road Traffic Inspectorate (RTI)
ER24 Paramedics

Approved Auto awareness campaign

Approved Auto awareness campaign (c)News24